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Complete Taxonomic details of Species: Erythrina variegata Linn.

Family: Papilionaceae Genus: Erythrina Species: Erythrina variegata Linn.






Synonym Erythrina indica Lam., Erythrina divaricata DC., Erythrina carnea Blanco Flower Color Red - Pink
Common Name Pangara, Tiger claw Flower Type Raceme
English / Trade Name Indian Coral Tree, Lenten Tree Flowering Period Jan-March
Vernacular /Local Name Pangara Fruiting Period April-June
Altitude Upto 750 m Fruit Type Pod
Habit Tree Fruit Details Fruit a cylindrical pod, green, turning black and wrinkly as they ripen, thin-walled and constricted around the seed
Habitat The tree occurs in a wide range of soils frequently on deep alluvial loams, silts and clays Bark Type Smooth
Distribution Native to India and Exotics Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand Bark Details Bark smooth and green when young, exfoliating in papery flakes, becoming thick, corky and deeply fissured with age
Distribution in chandigarh Chandigarh Botanical Garden and Nature Park Origin Native
    Leaf Type Compound
    Leaf Arrangement Alternate (leaves born singly along stem)
    Leaf Shape Trifoliate
Description of Species Deciduous tree. Bark yellowish or greenish-grey, smooth, blaze yellow. Leaves trifoliate, alternate Stipules small, lateral.Rachis 17-2 cm.p etiolule 7-10 mm, stout, glabrous.Leaflet 10-13.5 × 8.5-12.5 cm, ovate, rhomboid or deltoid-ovate, base truncate or obtuse, apex acuminate, margin entire. Lateral nerves 4-7 pairs, pinnate. Flowers bisexual, bright red, in dense racemes. Calyx spathaceous, oblique, recurved. Petals 5, sessile, standard 6.5×2.5 cm,oblong, elliptic,apexobtuse. Stamens10 monadelphous. Ovary stipitate, inferior, pubescent,1-celled.Ovules many. Style curved, subulate at the apex. Stigma capitate. Fruit a pod 15-30.5 cm long, torulose, constricted between seeds, dehiscent, seeds 6-8. Leaf Details Leaves trifolate, alternate, bright emerald-gren, onlong petioles 6-15cm, rachis 5-30 cm long

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