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Complete Taxonomic details of Species:
Acacia concinna (Willd.) DC.

Family: Mimosaceae Genus: Acacia Species:
Acacia concinna (Willd.) DC.






Synonym   Acacia hooperiana Miq., Guilandina microphylla DC., Mimosa concinna Willd. Flower Color White
Common Name Shikakai Flower Type Panicle
English / Trade Name Soap-pod Flowering Period April-June
Vernacular /Local Name Reetha, Shikakai Fruiting Period Jan-Dec
Altitude up to 500m Fruit Type Pod
Habit Shrub Fruit Details Fruit a pod, thick, somewhat flattened.
Habitat Cultivated, Native of Tropical Africa Bark Type Prickly
Distribution Eastern Himalayas Bark Details Bark rugged with thorny branches, brown smooth stripes. Thorns short, broad-based, flattened.
Distribution in chandigarh Chandigarh Botanical Garden and Nature Park, Sukhna Choe Reserve Forest & Sukhna Lake , Sector 1, Sector 6, Sector 10, Sector 17, Sector 19, Sector 32, Sector 33 Origin Native
    Leaf Type Compound
    Leaf Arrangement Opposite (leaves in pairs along stem)
    Leaf Shape Oblong
Description of Species Medium size tree with a fine spreading crown. Leaves divided into 5 to 12 pairs of oblong to elliptic-ovate leaflets, with acute tip. Flowers appear in groups along the downy branches, grow in whorls, deep pink, fading to white and each petal is somewhat pointed at the tip. Calyx green and velvety and the bracts narrow ovals. Fruit a pod. Leaf Details Leaves double-pinnate, with 5-7 pairs of pinnae, the primary rachis being thorny, velvety. Each pinnae has 12-18 pairs of leaflets, which are oblong-lanceshaped, pointed, obliquely rounded at base.

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