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Complete Taxonomic details of Species: Ricinus communis Linn.

Family: Euphorbiaceae Genus: Ricinus Species: Ricinus communis Linn.






Synonym Ricinus laevis DC.,Ricinus japonicusThunb., Cataputia majorLudw., Ricinus angulatus Thunb Flower Color Greenish
Common Name Flower Type Solitary
English / Trade Name Castor, Castor Oil Plant, Castor Bean Flowering Period Jan-March
Vernacular /Local Name Arandi Fruiting Period April-June
Altitude Upto 1400 M Fruit Type Capsule
Habit Shrub Fruit Details Capsules Subglobose, Prickly, 1.2-2.2 Cm Long; Seeds 3, Oblong, Smooth, Mottled, Carunculate
Habitat Found In roadsides, waste places Bark Type Smooth
Distribution India, Africa Bark Details The bark Is light brown smooth.
Distribution in chandigarh Patiala-ki-Rao Reserved Forest, Manimajara and Daria, Sector 26, Sector 39, Sector 47, Sector 48, Sector 49 Origin Exotic
    Leaf Type Simple
    Leaf Arrangement Alternate (leaves born singly along stem)
    Leaf Shape Palmate
Description of Species Evergreen, glabrous shrubs. leaves alternate, peltate, palmatifid, 15-30 cm long and broad, lobes lanceolate, crenate, acute. flowers yellowish-green, in terminal subpanicled racemes, 3-25 cm long, male in clusters, of 3-25 flowers in the upper region and Female 1 flowered in the lower region. male flowers, perianth segments 5. stamens numerous. female flowers, perianth segments spathaceous or divided 2-3 lobes. capsules subglobose, prickly, 1.2-2.2 cm long. seeds 3, oblong, smooth, mottled, carunculate Leaf Details Leaves alternate, peltate, palmatifid, 15-30 cm long and broad, lobes lanceolate, crenate, acute

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