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Complete Taxonomic details of Species: Zamia furfuracea Linn.f. ex Aiton

Family: Zamiaceae Genus: Zamia Species: Zamia furfuracea Linn.f. ex Aiton






Synonym Palma pumila Mill., Palmifolium furfuraceum (Linn.f. ex Aiton) Kuntze
Flower Color Brownish
Common Name Cardboard Palm Flower Type Solitary
English / Trade Name Cardboard Plant, Cardboard Sago, Jamaican Sago, Mexican Cycad Flowering Period Jan-March
Vernacular /Local Name Fruiting Period Jan-Dec
Altitude up to 2500 m Fruit Type Cone
Habit Shrub Fruit Details Fruits with bright red seeds.
Habitat Border; mass planting; container or above-ground planter; specimen; suitable for growing indoors; accent Bark Type Smooth
Distribution Native to Mexico, planted as ornamental across the world. Bark Details Up to 20 cm broad and high, usually marked with scars from old leaf bases. It grows very slowly when young, but its growth accelerates after the trunk matures.
Distribution in chandigarh Chandigarh Botanical Garden and Nature Park, Sector 36 Origin Exotic
    Leaf Type Compound
    Leaf Arrangement Alternate (leaves born singly along stem)
    Leaf Shape Pinnate
Description of Species Leaf Details Leaves thick leathery, pinnate, with wide oval leaflets, occasionally, the leaflets are toothed toward the tips.

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