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Complete Taxonomic details of Species: Bauhinia variegata Linn.

Family: Caesalpiniaceae Genus: Bauhinia Species: Bauhinia variegata Linn.






Synonym Bauhinia variegata var. chinensis DC., Bauhinia decora Uribe, Bauhinia chinensis (DC.) Vogel, Phanera variegata (L.) Benth Flower Color Red - Pink
Common Name Pot Cassia, Stinking Cassia, Chinese senna Flower Type Raceme
English / Trade Name Napoleon's Hat, paper Mulberry, poor Man's Orchid, bauhinia Flowering Period Jan-March
Vernacular /Local Name Kachnar Fruiting Period Oct-Dec
Altitude Up To 1800 m Fruit Type Pod
Habit Tree Fruit Details Pods dehiscent, strap-shaped, obliquely striate, 20-30 by 2-25 cm; long, hard, flat with 10-15 seeds in each; seeds brown, flat.
Habitat This species is found in deciduous forests. Bark Type Smooth
Distribution Tropical region of the world. Bark Details The bark is light brownish grey, smooth to slightly fissured and scaly
Distribution in chandigarh Chandigarh Botanical Garden and Nature Park, Sector 1, Sector 26, Sector 27, Sector 32 Origin Native
    Leaf Type Simple
    Leaf Arrangement Alternate (leaves born singly along stem)
    Leaf Shape Ovate
Description of Species Subcoriaceous, cordate at base with 11 – 15 nerves, petioles 2 – 3.5 cm long. flowers white or purplish, variegated, appearing on leafless branches, in few flowered racemes. Calyx cylindrical or turbinate, 2.5 – 3 cm long, with 5 teeth. petals 4 – 5 cm long, obovate, usually 4 – white and 1 – red, with red purple veins. Fertile stamens 3 – 5. Fruit pods dehiscent, Strap-shaped, Obliquely striate, 20-30 by 2-25 cm; Long, hard, flat with 10-15 seeds in each; seeds brown, flat. Leaf Details Leaves have minute stipules 1-2 mm, early caducous; petiole puberulous to glabrous, 3-4 cm; lamina broadly ovate to circular, often broader than long, 6-16 cm diameter; 11-13 nerved

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